4-8(1-10 scale)

Class Duration

45 Mins

Suitable For

All levels

Fitness Type


Class Detail


Tabata with added focus on Core. A class based around Fundamentals and high-intensity, strength and cardiovascular training. Each class is programmed to push your body to new levels! Tabata will utilize a variety of body weight and weighted exercises to increase your aerobic capacity. In simple terms, you will burn a ton of calories, get stronger, leaner and overall healthier!

Class will end with a spicy set of classic ab/core movements to challenge and shape your body!


Any exercise can be incorporated into Tabata training, be prepared! With the interval outline always being a ratio of 20 seconds work into 10 seconds rest for multiple sets, followed by a minute of rest so that you will be ready to work hard again!



Burn high amounts of calories Increase aerobic capacity Increase overall cardiovascular fitness Higher metabolic rate for hours after the class Improve weight management Boost your energy level and productivity Improved abdominal strength Reduce back pain Improve life mechanics, balance, stability and posture Injury prevention


  • 15 mins warm up
  • 20 mins muscle focus
  • 20 mins cardio
  • 15 mins cool down
  • 20 mins core focus
  • Evaluation

Things To Bring

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Sport Shoes
  • Extra Clothes

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