Beginner / Intermediate

Class Duration

60 Mins

Suitable For

Beginner / Intermediate

Fitness Type

Pole Dance

Class Detail


Been pole dancing for a while now and want to take it up a notch? Strengthen your foundational pole moves and build up your pole repertoire with new combinations and poses. Challenge your stamina as we work on the most important pole tricks needed in order to progress further such as leg hangs, butterfly, and shoulder mounts. Prerequisites for this class: Pole climb, pole seat, upside down crucifix, cross knee release, chair spin.


Every class will begin with an instructor leading you thorough a 10-15minute warm up and conditioning exercises designed to build strength and flexibility. In each lesson you can expect to learn various pole spins, tricks, poses and skills dependent on the level of your class. The class will be concluded with a cool-down stretch to ease your hard-worked muscles.



Shorts are required as skin contact on the pole is needed for grip. A comfortable top/sports bra.


NOT wear any body creams/lotions on your skin on the day of your pole class as they will make the poles slippery which is a safety hazard.


Strong arms, shoulders, back, abs, obliques, glutes and quads. Increased muscle endurance. Improved joints mobility. Improved overall flexibility. Deep satisfaction from doing impressive tricks you had no idea you were able to do. Loads of fun.


  • 15 mins warm up
  • 20 mins muscle focus
  • 20 mins cardio
  • 15 mins cool down
  • 20 mins core focus
  • Evaluation

Things To Bring

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Sport Shoes
  • Extra Clothes

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