5 Reasons to do Lunchtime Yoga

If you’re at all like me, you find yourself feeling slightly bloated and lethargic mid-work day. Whether it’s a gluten intolerance (and you just couldn’t avoid the morning office muffins), lactose intolerance, or just stress, you might feel bloated and tired after lunch and sitting at your desk all morning. Read More

5 ways a Yoga Retreat can Improve your Life

Whether you want to deepen your practice, get a little soulful downtime to recharge your batteries or just slow down and reset your tempo, a yoga retreat might be just what you need to achieve that. Read More

Mind in Yin Yoga

I remember the first time a Yin yoga posture made a deep impression on me. It was one of the first times I had gone into a deep static long held stretch for so long; long enough to notice something other than the physical sensations unfold. Read More

On Setting Intentions

With the passing of another year, its natural to reflect on all that has happened. What were your intentions for 2015? Were they realistic? Did you achieve them? There’s a sort of love hate relationship when it comes to new years resolutions, with lots of talk about setting yourself up for failure and forgetting about resolutions after January, amongst the many list-makers and ambitious dreamers. Read More

Arm balance workshop ~ new year, new possibilities

Call it cliché or not, I love setting new goals and redirecting my focus to something fun and challenging as we begin a new year. Despite the fact I’m childish enough to still look forward to celebrating ‘’surviving’’ yet another year as January is my month of Birth, paired up with a ‘’skinny wallet’’ It’s usually a pretty slow and drag of a month. Read More

Fuel your Knowledge – Know Your Fuel

Here at freemyme, as trainers, we often encounter many people saying that they’ve either not eaten since lunch time or they’ve eaten something that could end up being counterproductive to the efforts that they would have put into a session or simply, not knowing what to eat or when to eat it. Read More