Amélie alias A-Muse Yoga is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 certified teacher. She shares from the alchemy of her own sadhana mainly through bhakti yoga and yin-yang practice.

She also teaches prenatal yoga (she completed her prenatal yoga teacher training with Sharon Bales in Paris). At this precious time in a woman’s life, a safe and holistic practice can be extremely helpful for expectant mothers who would like to go into their pregnancies with calmness and gratefulness.

Initially based in Paris, she started working as a yoga teacher in Rabat, Morocco, where there was no yoga. It was the beginning of a « sangha » who is growing and now counts more than 100 students!
In May 2017, she moved to Niamey, Niger and started to build a yoga community.
She moved to Malta in January 2018.

Amelie instructs the following:
  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • As your body begins to change and make room for your child, your hormones and physical being undergo a lot of changes. Pre Natal yoga is designed to strengthen your physical body in the safest manner through its specifically formulated asanas and also provides you with guidance and emotional support, through its practice and through your community of fellow mothers to be.
    A certificate from your doctor stating that you are ok to exercise during your pregnancy will be required.
    Improve breathing control and awareness, lift mood, reduce stress and anxiety, balance hormones, improve sleep.Decrease headache, nausea, shortness of breath and back pain.Promote your baby’s health, increase muscular endurance specific for child birth and decrease the risk of pre term labor.
    Prevents and relieves chronic illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome and high blood pressure.
    Comfortable clothing you can stretch in.