Claudia Macchia (Yoga teacher - RYT 200) Sport and physical practices have always played a fundamental role in Claudia’s life. Starting with a background as a modern dancer she was introduced to Yoga practice and philosophy in which she found the perfect combination between mental and physical activities. After 8 years of experience as a yoga practitioner around Italy, Spain, UK and Malta, she recently started her career as a yoga teacher, being certified as 200 Hours Registered Yoga Teacher. Over these years, Claudia has deepened her practice focusing on mind-body integration and harmony of the body with the breath. Learning how to use breath while moving was and still is an amazing discovery to her and she finds deep happiness, relaxation and clarity of mind through her practice, all of which she uses to manage the challenges of day to day life. Kind and enthusiastic, Claudia sequences mindful and flowing classes that are a graceful and focused moving meditation, open to all levels. Her passion for Yoga and sharing all the powerful benefits shines through in the way she leads a class and emits both warmth and peace.

Claudia instructs the following:
  • YinYangFlow
  • The practice of yin/yang yoga helps us to find more harmony in the body and learn about stillness in movement and the flow in stillness.
    When we work actively, the pranic flow and circulation are directed into the muscles and superficial connective tissues. By comparison, a long-held passive pose practiced while the muscles are not yet warm allows the energy to reach the deeper connective tissues of the joints and the corresponding pathways of the meridian system. (The meridian system is composed of energy channels) The prana (or life force) stimulates and tones the joints, deep connective tissues, increasing the supply of fluids to them, making them less dense and enabling them to stretch appropriately.

    As a result, we become more flexible, our joints become “juicier,” and energy blocks along the meridians are removed, enabling the organs to function better. And because the influx of prana works on the nervous system too, we become not only calmer but also more focused.