Anneli Wisén is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 certified teacher and a Reiki healer level I & II. She specialises in dynamic vinyasa and hatha yoga, yin, restorative yoga and also a variety of guided meditation.

Her classes are guided with a lot of creativity, playfulness and mind-body awareness. Anneli sees yoga as a tool for healing the body, mind and spirit, and in her classes you will also come to practice stress relief, being present in the moment and orientation to your center.

Anneli is originally from Sweden, with a background in all kinds of sports, e.g soccer and gymnastics. In her classes you will achieve both physical and mental tools for growing in your individual yogic path, and towards creating the best version of yourself. Exploring a space where self love can become as great as your love for yoga.

Anneli instructs the following:
  • R&R Yoga
    This restorative Yoga practice is designed to help settle your nerves and open key areas of your body ( hips, legs, shoulders, neck, back ) for rejuvenation and recovery.
    This is a very calm and gentle yoga practice using restful, opening and muscle releasing postures. Poses are held for longer periods of time with mindful focus on the body and breath to help ease you into a total and deep relaxation. The class usually involves the use of bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets.
    If you’re pregnant, please notify the teacher.
    Total and deep relaxation and rejuvenation for mind and body.
    Prevents and relieves chronic illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome and high blood pressure.
    Comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

  • YIN
  • Yin, one side of our dual reality, is the equal and complementary opposite to Yang. Light and dark, hot and cold, active and inactive, one cannot exist without the other. In the physical body, Yin yoga practice provides the passive, cooling, stretching, releasing and calming balance to those intense, activating and heating sessions. For the mind, it is an opportunity to cultivate awareness, observation, stillness, calm and clarity. Yin yoga will expand the limits of your body and mind and allow you to move forward with balance.

    During class, static Yin postures will be held for around 5 minutes, the ideal amount of time to allow the body and mind to release and find stillness. Yin postures go beyond muscle and target the deep connective tissues, joint capsules and fascia that limit our range of motion.

    The key to a successful Yin practice is to find your edge, your point of sweet discomfort that doesn’t engulf your awareness and allows you to remain still with ease and conscious autonomy above the minds thoughts and feelings, cravings and aversions.

    If your aim is simply to become more flexible, this is the class for you. If your aim is to discover the subtle truths of your mind and body and life, this is also the class for you.



    Expect deep stretches that challenge body and mind. Listen within and find your comfortable edge in order to stay safe in your practice. Please notify the teacher if you’re pregnant or have any injuries.


    Calming, cooling, stretching, releasing, expanding and balancing for body and mind.


    Warm, comfortable and loose clothing you workout and stretch in.