Serge instructs the following:
  • Crazytown
  • Inhibitions…who needs them! Crazytown is your weekly dose of downright fitness madness! Involving unorthodox movements and workouts, such as shortie runs and rolling get-ups, which stimulate our endorphins, elevate the thrill factor and generate strength and fitness. It is a major stress buster and being on a Friday means it’s the ideal shakedown, to the weekend ahead.
    Come in, get fit and shake off that burdensome tension, to truly liberate your body and mind.
    Large, compound and functional movements are included in this class. Anybody harboring injury must take caution.
    Shakes off tension, improves strength conditioning, increases cardiovascular fitness, increases mobility, assists in weight management, increases energy, improves mood, releases happy hormones and decreases inhibitions.

  • Welift
  • This power session is the first necessary step to building a strong, healthy and well muscled body. Lifting is equally great and brings numerous benefits for both men and women.
    It involves variations of large and strong compound movements, including strengthening pushing and pulling motions for the whole body. The core is also effectively activated through compound lifts, building an overall stronger body. Regulars of this power session can expect to gain a solid and athletic midsection to match their physique..
    WElift takes a step by step approach and gains momentum in learning perfect technique and setting the foundations for a productive and happy future in lifting for muscle gain and body forming.

    Want to lift? Join WElift!!

    Caution should be taken when holding injury.
    Learn correct lifting technique, strengthen your mind to muscle connection, build muscle, raise metabolism, increase fat burning potential, boost energy, increase confidence, raise libido, promote restful sleep.

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