Michelle Scicluna
Michelle started her yoga journey quite recently - completing her 200hr TT with Freemyme in 2016. Since then, however, she has dedicated all her time and energy to practicing yoga, not only on the mat but in every day life, soaking up as much knowledge as possible! After completing her pre and post natal yoga degree in London, she decided to start her teaching career in the Caribbean. Now back in Malta, completing yet another teacher training certificate for kids, she is eager to continue her teaching journey and share her love for the practice.

Michelle instructs the following:
  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • As your body begins to change and make room for your child, your hormones and physical being undergo a lot of changes. Pre Natal yoga is designed to strengthen your physical body in the safest manner through its specifically formulated asanas and also provides you with guidance and emotional support, through its practice and through your community of fellow mothers to be.
    A certificate from your doctor stating that you are ok to exercise during your pregnancy will be required.
    Improve breathing control and awareness, lift mood, reduce stress and anxiety, balance hormones, improve sleep.Decrease headache, nausea, shortness of breath and back pain.Promote your baby’s health, increase muscular endurance specific for child birth and decrease the risk of pre term labor.
    Prevents and relieves chronic illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome and high blood pressure.
    Comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

  • Mr. Green Yoga
  • Take a break from the daily stresses of your workday with a rejuvenating Morning Yoga session! Focus on breathing techniques to help relieve stress and learn useful techniques to navigate the rest of your day. This class will provide the opportunity to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and ease in the body. Discover habit patterns that cause tension and muscle imbalance and by identifying and working with these patterns, we can learn to move with more freedom during our daily routine and help sustain a productive day ahead. All levels are welcome.


    This class is reserved for Mr.Green staff.


    Total rejuvenation for mind and body.
    Resets your day and gives you the opportunity to create new healthy movement patterns to keep a healthy posture, spine and ease in your body.


    Comfortable clothing you workout and stretch in.

  • Teen Yoga - 10 to 16 Year Old
  • The teenage years are filled with both high energy, discovery and lot of changes. These can be physical, emotional, social changes and practising yoga can provide balance and a sense of grounding during times when vulnerability may occur.

    We place a big emphasis on holding space for a nurturing & non-competitive environment and helping in improving body confidence and awareness. Understanding the importance of self acceptance from a young age will encourage independence and self-growth for both boys and girls.

  • Post-Natal Yoga
  • Postnatal yoga is a strengthening and nurturing practice for your body, offering a great way to get back into shape after you have had your baby and the initial 6-8 week rest period after giving birth. The best part about this class is there’s no need for a babysitter as you bring your little one along with you, joining a yoga community of new parents in a relaxed and social environment. How soon after giving birth can I join the class?
    It is important to rest initially. The first 6-8 weeks after birth are a time for bonding with the baby and for the mother to recover. This class is open to all levels, whether you have had a yoga practice prior to birth or have never done any yoga before; all are welcome with their babies!
    Listening to your body and depending on how you feel, after 8 weeks you should feel ready to return slowly to exercise. Consult your Doctor for advice on when to resume practising.
    – strengthens the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
    – releases tension in shoulders and neck muscles
    – helps to improve posture
    – decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation
    – rejuvenates the mind and increases energy
    – builds patience and inner-calm
    – brings fun and pleasure to both parent and baby
    – provides an opportunity to connect with other parents
    Comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

  • Beginmyflow
  • The perfect introduction to your yoga journey. This beginner friendly class will give you the opportunity to practice and absorb the foundations at a slow and steady pace. This safe space allows a new yogi to build their own journey on solid ground and discover their individual flow without fear of comparison.
    You will feel more empowered, perhaps even moved and surprised by your own strength, as you begin to listen and connect to your inner self.

    Caution should be taken when holding injury.

    Improve wellbeing, lift mood, increase vitality, de-stress and rejuvenate., Strengthen and lengthen, improve posture and rehabilitate injuries. Prevents and relieves chronic illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome and high blood pressure.

    Comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

  • SlowFlow
  • The pace of this class is slower than the usual VINYASA classes with emphasis is on safe alignment and maintaining the balance of the slow breathing. This style can vary in its speed, with some classes focusing on long, silent periods of reflection and static holding during each pose, and others opting for a more fluid experience (with possible frequent bursts of energetic sequencing to raise energy). The toned-down speed of these classes does not, however, mean that the poses are any less beneficial for building strength, stability, and postural integrity than other styles. This slower pace is definitely more conducive to the meditative practices of mindfulness of action and awareness of breathing. This makes it particularly well-suited to newer students, or for those who desire deep concentration within their practice, most conducive to Slowing Down (hence the name).

  • R&R Yoga
    This restorative Yoga practice is designed to help settle your nerves and open key areas of your body ( hips, legs, shoulders, neck, back ) for rejuvenation and recovery.
    This is a very calm and gentle yoga practice using restful, opening and muscle releasing postures. Poses are held for longer periods of time with mindful focus on the body and breath to help ease you into a total and deep relaxation. The class usually involves the use of bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets.
    If you’re pregnant, please notify the teacher.
    Total and deep relaxation and rejuvenation for mind and body.
    Prevents and relieves chronic illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome and high blood pressure.
    Comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

  • YIN
  • Yin, one side of our dual reality, is the equal and complementary opposite to Yang. Light and dark, hot and cold, active and inactive, one cannot exist without the other. In the physical body, Yin yoga practice provides the passive, cooling, stretching, releasing and calming balance to those intense, activating and heating sessions. For the mind, it is an opportunity to cultivate awareness, observation, stillness, calm and clarity. Yin yoga will expand the limits of your body and mind and allow you to move forward with balance.

    During class, static Yin postures will be held for around 5 minutes, the ideal amount of time to allow the body and mind to release and find stillness. Yin postures go beyond muscle and target the deep connective tissues, joint capsules and fascia that limit our range of motion.

    The key to a successful Yin practice is to find your edge, your point of sweet discomfort that doesn’t engulf your awareness and allows you to remain still with ease and conscious autonomy above the minds thoughts and feelings, cravings and aversions.

    If your aim is simply to become more flexible, this is the class for you. If your aim is to discover the subtle truths of your mind and body and life, this is also the class for you.



    Expect deep stretches that challenge body and mind. Listen within and find your comfortable edge in order to stay safe in your practice. Please notify the teacher if you’re pregnant or have any injuries.


    Calming, cooling, stretching, releasing, expanding and balancing for body and mind.


    Warm, comfortable and loose clothing you workout and stretch in.