Karen is a licensed physiotherapist and APPI trained Pilates instructor. She received her training in London during 2009 and 2010, before becoming an instructor in Melbourne in 2011. Karen is a firm believer in the active lifestyle which is why physiotherapy and Pilates are more than just a job to her - they are her way of life. She uses her skills in her own lifestyle which makes her all the more passionate about everything she does and transmits this to her patients, clients and people around her.

Karen instructs the following:
  • Pilates Intermediate
  • This Pilates class will push the beginner’s boundaries a bit further.
    Now that you have learnt how to breathe & understand the Pilates principles, you need a step up.
    This intermediate class will help you build stronger confidence and in just a few classes help you improve your balance refine and improve movement and ability.
    The intermediate level still include basic level exercises.
    This class may require the use of props such as bands and pilates balls.
    Caution should be taken when holding injury.
    A kind and gentle body conditioning that improves circulation and loosens up your legs, back, neck and shoulders, relieving aches and stiffness and creating a healthy supple spine. Strengthens and keeps your core strong and helps prevent injury.
    Improves balance and coordination. Improves mental outlook and motivation.
    Comfortable stretchy clothing.
    Mats provided by you may wish to bring your own towel.
    No shoes requires.

  • Spinal Health Pilates
  • Posture, form, core, muscle activation. You’ve heard of them all but how do we achieve them? Led by a physiotherapist*, this class gets you moving the right way! We will focus on strengthening your body while in an ideal position - great for working on your posture, back or neck pain and sorting out any aches and pains associated with movement asymmetries. This class will activate the core and get those stability muscles firing! A great add on to any workout regime!

    *In the event that Karen is unavailable, the class will not be held by a physiotherapist