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This class is taught by:

Troy Martin

After training and competing in athletics from the age of 13-21, reaching the height of 2nd best Decathlete in the U.K for his age group, Troy decided to take training up at a new level. Training and coaching others gave him an opportunity to use all of the fitness components he learned as an athlete and to help people with their fitness goals. 
Motto: Training should be challenging but fun and should be done with a smile
Personal Training
Fat Loss
Nutritional Advice
Tone/Gain Muscle

Anoosha Iftikhar

This London girl, with 8 years of experience in carving bodies, building fitness levels and motivating those she encountered, has worked with a broad spectrum of students and clients, from children, to athletes, to the elderly. Not only did she gather the professional insight which only few experienced trainers develop, but through her experiences, Anoosha also picked up a deeper understanding of the body and the importance of mindset, which she uses in her training methods.

"Most doubt they can actually achieve their fitness goals, but if they only knew what greatness they are capable of, we all are....well, they would be on a life changing journey, for starters!" - Anoosha

Daniel L Lake

Head personal trainer at Freemyme.
His 15+ years worldwide experience hasn’t left many boxes unchecked. From top end athletes, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts to elderly and/or disabled, the only aspect which betters his clients results is his client – trainer relationship.

“Great habits are the stepping stones…and anywhere is the destination”- Dan
“Dan is the real deal”- Ben Clarke (Sydney)
Tone/shape up, Gain muscle, Increase muscular/core strength and conditioning, Fat loss, Increase cardiovascular fitness, De-stress, Nutritional advice, Improve mobility and agility, Feel great.
High Intensity