This class is taught by:

Daniel L Lake

Head personal trainer at Freemyme.
His 15+ years worldwide experience hasn’t left many boxes unchecked. From top end athletes, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts to elderly and/or disabled, the only aspect which betters his clients results is his client – trainer relationship.

“Great habits are the stepping stones…and anywhere is the destination”- Dan
“Dan is the real deal”- Ben Clarke (Sydney)
Tone/shape up, Gain muscle, Increase muscular/core strength and conditioning, Fat loss, Increase cardiovascular fitness, De-stress, Nutritional advice, Improve mobility and agility, Feel great.
This class is solely focused on gaining strength. Our strength cycles usually last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks and usually focus on compound (multi joint) movements. These cycles increase overall strength and are usable in sport as well as daily life. Expect squat, deadlift, , pull ups, Bench press, Military press, Olympic lifts and more.
2 strength cycles could be simultaneously run together or just one at a time.
Note: Some lifting experience IS necessary. This class is not a workshop but focuses on making the targeted movement stronger.
Lifting straps and belts are recommended. Only liquid chalk on the premises (no powder).