Stretch for Crazytown

This class is taught by:

Daniel L Lake

Head personal trainer at Freemyme.
His 15+ years worldwide experience hasn’t left many boxes unchecked. From top end athletes, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts to elderly and/or disabled, the only aspect which betters his clients results is his client – trainer relationship.

“Great habits are the stepping stones…and anywhere is the destination”- Dan
“Dan is the real deal”- Ben Clarke (Sydney)
Tone/shape up, Gain muscle, Increase muscular/core strength and conditioning, Fat loss, Increase cardiovascular fitness, De-stress, Nutritional advice, Improve mobility and agility, Feel great.
A 10 minute free additional stretch section, dedicated for the Crazytown Class troops from the session it follows, who have a spare 10 minutes to stretch out and feel good after Class.