Crazytown Express

This class is taught by:

Daniel L Lake

Head personal trainer at Freemyme.
His 15+ years worldwide experience hasn’t left many boxes unchecked. From top end athletes, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts to elderly and/or disabled, the only aspect which betters his clients results is his client – trainer relationship.

“Great habits are the stepping stones…and anywhere is the destination”- Dan
“Dan is the real deal”- Ben Clarke (Sydney)
Tone/shape up, Gain muscle, Increase muscular/core strength and conditioning, Fat loss, Increase cardiovascular fitness, De-stress, Nutritional advice, Improve mobility and agility, Feel great.
Your 30minute feel Good Friday HIIT session, which will set you up for the weekend ahead. Similar to our Ripped session and Ripped Express only with elements of ‘craziness’ be it in attitude or in the workout of the day (WOD).

Expect high intensity moves mixed with body shaping exercises. Targets the whole body.

Note: Alternate exercises are always available in case of injury or restraints.